Counselling & Therapy for Life Events


Counselling and Therapy for Life Events

What do Counsellors mean by Life Events?

Counselling for Life Events encompasses any event that you are currently experiencing that is causing you to feel upset, lost, sad, stressed, anxious, unable to cope, losing sleep or many other emotions. Life events is an indeterminate term for a whole host of situations. Some of these may include:

Unhelpful Triggers and Patterns

Together we can unveil the triggers and patterns that affect your wellbeing in life. I can enable you to develop new insights, methods of understanding and managing your behaviour, thoughts and feelings, so you can live the life you deserve. My approach is integrative and I am trained, qualified and experienced in several approaches meaning that I can tailor a bespoke course of therapy that is developed specifically to your personal situation.

Can Counselling Help me Cope with Life Events?

Counselling and therapy is extremely useful in helping you to navigate challenging times, thoughts and emotions. Life tends to throw situations at us when we are least expecting it and you may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with your emotions. My counselling services are a confidential, safe and non-judgemental place where I can help you to address concerns that are worrying you. Whatever the issues you are experiencing,  counselling and therapy provide a space to explore your current situation, how you got there and how you can move on.

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